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LegalTEC Lab is an interdisciplinary research hub located at the Tecnológico de Monterrey Graduate School of Government and Public Transformation (EGobiernoyTP). We aim to foster academic debate issues involving the intersection of law, technology, regulation and competition. As an open and collaborative ecosystem our mission is to study, experiment, and generate powerful research for the study of topics related with the management, competition, regulation, innovation, development and impact of Law for Tech, of Tech for Law and LegalTech per se. This taxonomy is not exhaustive, as its objective is to provide a starting point for exploring out different fields that should be understood as overlapping, intersecting and inclusive.

The LegalTEC Lab is backed by the EGobiernoyTP, ITESM Faculty of Law, ITESM School of Business, ITESM School of Social Sciences and ITESM School of Sciences and Engineering. These prestigious schools come together to create a unique, intelligent and multidisciplinary scenario. Within this framework, we will create knowledge and construct an intellectual environment that will inspire and challenge academics, professionals, policymakers, stakeholders, students and new generations to address issues and influence policymaking to find innovative legal solutions to complex realities in our region.

We know that we function in a complex ecosystem… in that sense dealing with complexity involves multiple ways of knowing. It involves acknowledging the full range of our human experience and being willing to influence the currents of change.


Many countries, including Mexico, are facing challenges on how to cope with disruptive technological change. We are experiencing an ecosystem revolution that is generating tension and friction within some interactions. We spotted some of these spaces and characterize them as “clashes”, in which some intense forces interact and where the direction of the reactions under way is unclear. In that sense, we want to fill those spaces with initiatives, strategies, products, and ideas that will help understand the changes under way and to convert them into positive opportunities.